We are delighted to announce that we have partial scholarship for those who are registering now.

ANCCI University Tuition and Fees Structure

Online Application for Enrollment

ANCCI University tuition and fees are set annually.

You can start with a minimum of one or maximum of four courses. Each course is 3 credit hour.

Application and admission fees are due before the classes start ($150.00)
$100.00 nonrefundable admission fees
$50.00 nonrefundable registration fees



1 course $300.00
4 courses $1200.00

Number of Courses


MA M.Div. M.Th.:
1 course $310.00
4 courses $1240.00


Number of Courses


Th.D. PhD:
1 course $320.00
4 courses $1280.00

Number of Courses




Doctor of Divinity (honorary) is awarded to a candidate who has demonstrated fruitful ministry and have given financial support to the ANCCIU of $1000.00 or more.


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