We are delighted to announce that we have partial scholarship for those who are registering now.

ANCCI University Tuition and Fees Structure 2021-2022

Online Application for Enrollment

ANCCI University tuition and fees are set annually.

You can start with a minimum of one or maximum of five courses. Each course is 3 credit hour.

Application and admission fees are due before the classes start ($150.00)
$100.00 nonrefundable admission fees
$50.00 nonrefundable registration fees



1 course $300.00
4 courses $1200.00

Number of Courses


MA M.Div. M.Th.:
1 course $310.00
12 courses $1240.00


Number of Courses


Th.D. PhD:
1 course $320.00
12 courses $1280.00

Number of Courses




Doctor of Divinity (honorary) is awarded to a candidate who has demonstrated fruitful ministry and have given financial support to the ANCCIU of $1000.00 or more.


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