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It is with great joy that we welcome CHRIST FOUNTAIN ANCCI Dallas which was planted by the Rev. Dr. Joseph Gatungu. The vision of this church is spiritual, social, and economic transformation. We visited this church on May 10—14, 2018 and were surprised by the growth of the church. They have boys and girls brigade, youth fellowship, women fellowship  and young couples fellowship called Ambassadors for Christ.  A good number of the members are students at ANCCIU.

Rev. Dr. Joseph who has successfully completed doctoral studies graduated with PhD in Theology and Development. To put their vision in practice, they have started a SACCO where by members buy shares and can get a loan from their savings at a lower rate.

CFANCCI Combines Anglican tradition with Pentecostal charisma. We really experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Beloved in Christ,

May God richly bless you as you serve him in All Nations Anglican Church and All Nations Christian Church International bless you.






We are most grateful to God for the ministry which He has entrusted to us of equipping the Saints for the ministry. We appreciate the First Christian Church for hosting us and for their great hospitality. A big thanks to our faculties, their dedication and love for the students. We are particularly grateful to Dr. Robert Hubbard for being our guest speaker. We acknowledge Sue and Glen Sanborn for the part they played in preparation of this event.

We praise God for the qualities, diversity, and the ministries of the students. All our students work full time, minister full time and have family responsibilities. The Bible says: “There are different kind of gifts, but the Same Spirit distribute them. There are different kind of service but the same Lord. There are different kind of working, but in all of them it is the same God at work.” Corinthians 12: 4-6

A good number of our students are church planters and have planted 5 Churches in the of Panhandle, Texas and these churches have planted 25 Churches in Africa. One of our Sudanese graduates planted one Church in Sudan some years back, when he returned he found that the church he had planted had planted 25 other churches. Others have established new ministries, which among others things, have ministry to widows, orphans and marginalized. Others students are reaching out to the Muslims, we have a student who is reaching out to pygmies in Burundi.

ANCCI University, believe that the trued education is the meeting of meanings.  The meanings from the teacher as well as the students. We have learned a great deal from the students. And so, we are inviting you to enroll yourself with ANCCIU so that you enjoy mutual impartations and be enriched by unity in diversity. You will also enjoy overseas short term mission.

Your generous donation will be greatly appreciated. To donate visit
We Thank you in advance for your donation.

May God richly bless you.

Dr John G Githiga




The graduation and church service was compelling. You felt blessed with a happy sense of being a part of something special. The students that graduated were gleeful, and proud of what they had accomplished. There was nothing but praise and worship throughout the congregation who celebrated the event with beautiful music. One of the students was enjoying the event so much to say, "I hope Bishop John will leave another hundred years and continue to teach us." This epitomizes Bishop's philosophy of life:
God give me work; till my life shall end;
and life, till my work is done


-- Isaac Cyprian Githiga



Bishop Grace Kariuki and Pastor Rebecca receive DD

Kariuki BishopdrGraceBishop Dr Grace Kariuki (Left) ,The Rev.Dr. Rebecca Tuimising
On September 17, 2015 ANCCI University conferred Doctor of Divinity on the Rev Rebecca Tuimising(right) for her enormous contribution in building up the Kingdom of God. Dr Rebecca, Biblical Counselor, is a Pastor of one of the largest Pentecostal Charismatic Churches in Kenya-Deliverance Church. Together with her husband, Bishop Dr. William Tuimising, they have oversight of Deliverance Church- Kenya for 22 years and have ordained over one hundred ministers and church leaders. Dr Rebecca is the assistant Chairperson of Kenya Women Fellowship. Additionally, she has been involved in prayer/intercessory ministries in Kenya. She is General Secretary of Amazing Grace International Children’s Home- Kenya and a spiritual mother of The Right Rev. Dr Grace Kariuki

BISHOP DR GRACE AND PASTOR RICHARD KARIUKI received Doctor of Divinity in May 29,215 for their commitment and dedication in building up the Kingdom of God. They are founders of Amazing Grace International Ministries and Amazing Grace Children's Center Outreach ministry and have raised spiritual sons and daughters who are pastoring and leading Abundant Glory International Ministries in Kenya, Tanzania, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Australia. The Kariukis are members of Faith Christian Church and International Outreach Center and submit to the spiritual leadership and pastoral care of Dr. Decker & Delores Tapscott. Dr Grace hold a D.Min from Life Christian University and Seminary. She has a great passion for winning  which souls started while serving God as a Sunday school teacher and Superintendent at Deliverance Church, Kenya, training teachers and church workers on child evangelism from 1988-1998. The Kariukis are called to preserve and rescue the abandoned seed (orphans) in Africa. Dr. Grace’s gifts include prophecy, teaching, evangelism and healing. She accompanied Patriarch John on mission to Kenya and spoke on children ministry to Church leaders. She was well received.




I am delighted to inform you that our book about who Jesus is entitled CHRIST AND ROOTS 2ND EDITION has been published and the book is currently available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Below are the links where you can get the book.

Christ and Roots is about Christ Jesus, who revealed himself to me when I was six years old, about how Jesus talked about himself in the seven “I am” statements in the Gospel according to John, and how the New Testament writers experienced him and wrote about him. It is also about preexistent Christ who revealed himself to the African people long before the missionaries came to Africa. However, we assert that the revelation in Christ Jesus is superior to the one in pre-Christian religions. We fully agree with Hebrews: “In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things and through whom he also made the universe. The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he has provided purification for our sins, he sat down at the right hand of Majesty in heaven. So, he became as much as superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs” (Hebrews 1:1–4).

Warmest regard,
Dr John Githiga

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The Most Rev. Dr. John Githiga, Chancellor and Patriarch of All nations Christian Church International and the Archbishop of All nations Anglican Church: The Rev. Dr. Martin Davis, faculty at ANCCI University and Sue Sanborn ,Graduate student at the same University will hold Church Leadership Conference in Lusaka, Zambia July 3-4, and will visit ANCCI land and minister at Five Fold Christian Church Diocese under the oversight of Bishop George Musandile. They will also visit the Chief of the and ANCCI land where K-12 school is being build. Keep them in your prayer.



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Due to an unavoidable circumstance ANCCI retreat has been rescheduled to October 7-9. We therefore ask you to mark your calendar and to disseminate the information to the ministers in your ministry. We are looking for a fruitful time of mutual encouragement and fellowship. There will be inspirational teaching, guidance to help you to grow in ministry. For more information visit

To register contact:
The Office Bishop Tom Brown
The mission and Patriarch Cathedral
P.O. Box 27275
El Paso, Texas 79926, USA
(915) 855-9673 (call during normal office hours)


Dr. John G Githiga will lead a discussion on John at ANCCI University Dallas campus on May 31-June, June 14-16, 21-22. John is one of the most spiritual books in Bible.  “For most Christian, It is the book above which they feed their minds and nourish their hearts and in which they rest their soul”. It has the most penetrating gaze into the mysteries and the eternal truth and the very mind of God”. William Barclay. We invite you to come and feed your mind, nourish your heart and rest your soul. This study is taken for credit in ANCCI University. To register call Mary Gathanga 469-767-0056 or email


Dr. John G Githiga will make presentations on CHRIST AS REVEALED IN REVELATION on May 25, June 22, 2013 at ANCCI University Canyon Campus (2011 Fourth Ave, Canyon, Texas 79015). The object of the course is to experience Christ as all- powerful, all-sufficient Lamb of God who transcends time and space; the One who is, who was and who is come and in whom we more than conquerors. To register call 806.655.7711 or email or We are better reached via email.


MISSION TO ZAMBIA June 30- July 10 2013. Bishop George Mishandle has invited us to equip pastors and to hold women conference. Your prayer and financial support is requested.


Dr. John G Githiga
Chancellor, ANCCIU

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